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Hermes Cave

According to Greek mythology, it was in this cave that Hermes, the son of Zeus, was born. The cave became a sanctuary for ancient Greeks, for locals as well as travellers.

At an altitude of 1,750 m, Hermes Cave extends over about 1,200 m2, with its main trail only 100 m long, sloping downward into the cave.

You can visit the area around the cave entrance or venture inside with the Hellenic Speleological & Exploration Club that organises guided visits during the Ziria Music Festival. It is a relatively easy hike (16 km) to the cave, with beautiful scenery along the way.

Lake Dasiou completely dried out during the summer months

Lake Dasiou - Summer

Winter shot of the lake with mountains covered in snow

Lake Dasiou - Winter

Lake Doxa

Near ancient Feneos lies the artificial Doxa Lake. At 900 m altitude, the lake was constructed in 1990 and has been a favourite destination for nature lovers and visitors to Trikala Korinthias ever since. It is an ideal spot for a day trip and a swim (in summer) for ARLI HOUSE guests.

The mountains of Ziria and Helmos surround the lake. The area is especially popular due to its proximity to Athens. Extending into the lake is the church of Saint Fanourios, which is celebrated 27 August and 6 January. Resembling an islet in the lake, the church appears to change position, depending on your perspective.

The area is the setting for numerous outdoors activities for children and adults, organised primarily by Explore Ziria.

Lake Dasiou

Lake Dasiou is one of the few natural lakes in the Peloponnese, and particularly at such a high altitude (1,480 m). The lake retains its water for most of the year, but dries out completely during the summer. A great setting for relaxing walks, the route to the lake passes right behind our guest house (yellow route on map)!

The lake is located just 10 km (4.4 km on foot) from the guest house and is one of our favourite destinations. If you are lucky, you may encounter some of the wild horses that are native to the area.

Lake Doxa with spring colours

Lake Doxa - Spring

Autumn scenery around Lake Doxa

Lake Doxa - Autumn

Hiking trails map (hellaspath)

Hiking trails in Ziria (source: hellaspath)

For all our nature lovers and experienced guests, there are numerous of well-marked and charted trails of varying difficulty. Starting at ARLI HOUSE, you can choose a route that climbs up Mount Ziria, through the Flabouritsa Valley or take any one of the circular routes.

Additional routes:

  • Varnevo-Flabouritsa

  • Monastery of Panagia - Kefalari

  • Kefalari - Lake Dasiou - Zacharias - Kleftaki

Before selecting a route, we advise you to refer to any of the hiking guides available (on websites and apps) and follow their instructions and trails carefully.

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