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ARLI HOUSE has a fully equipped kitchen, including a built-in BBQ on the front balcony, that will allow you to prepare any type of menu. The large and welcoming dining table invites you to enjoy family-style meals, play board games or relax and enjoy the first snow fall of winter or the gentle sounds of the summer night.


For those who would prefer to spend more time outdoors hiking or visiting the local sites, rather than in the kitchen, we can recommend several of the local restaurants offering a selection of traditional dishes.

There is also a mini-market, bakery and butcher shop in the nearby village.

~γενική άποψη τον χειμώνα~

Breakfast at the balcony of our guesthouse, with a scenic view

Local Taverns and Restaurants

T'Agnanti tavern


Stou Dekleri tavern in Trikala Korinthias, Greece

Στου Δεκλέρη

To Hani tou Hania tavern, Trikala Korinthias, Greece

το Χάνι του Χανιά

Psitosinantisi traditional tavern, Trikala Korinthias, Greece


 Στρούγκα παραδοσιακή ταβέρνα στα Τρίκαλα Κορινθίας


Katafigio Gefseon tavern, Trikala Korinthias, Greece

Καταφύγιο Γεύσεων

Bars and Coffee shops

Ginie coffee shop

το Τζίνι

To Lithino bar, Trikala Korinthias, Greece

το Λίθινο

Koukouvagia coffee shop, Trikala Korinthias, Greece


900 meters bar, Trikala Korinthias, Greece


To Alfavitario bar, Trikala Korinthias, Greece


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