Safety measures against coronavirus

We have taken every precaution to provide a safe environment for your stay at our guest house

  • Every room is properly aired out before and after each cleaning.

  • We use masks and gloves to clean each space and to change bedding.

  • We use all appropriate cleaning products to meticulously clean every item, with particular attention to doorknobs, handles, light switches, keys and other high-touch surfaces.

  • Countertops, bathrooms and all surfaces are cleaned with chlorine and Dettol disinfectants.

  • Each check-in is scheduled two days after the last check-out and after we have cleaned and disinfected the guest house. We make sure to maintain a safe distance when dropping off the keys.

  • You will find hand sanitiser on each floor and you are welcome to use our cleaning and disinfectant products throughout your stay.


We follow the rules for everyone’s safety.