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In winter, it's blanketed with snow. In the spring, it comes alive in a riot of colours. The mountain breezes keep it cool in summer, and in autumn, it is bathed in the gold of turning leaves. ARLI HOUSE is a unique stone-built house and an ideal accommodation in all seasons of the year. Located in Mesaia Trikala Korinthias, at 1,200m altitude, it is right next to the enchanting forest of Mount Ziria. The view of the sunrise from the main upper balcony will be a lasting memory for every visitor.

View of our guesthouse from above, in the summer

The guesthouse from above

ARLI House covered in snow during winter

general view during winter

For reservations and information, please contact us!

ARLI HOUSE was built with love and decorated with objects we made by hand. Its aesthetic is an ode to local tradition. The guesthouse can accommodate up to 12 guests. It is perfect for groups of friends, couples or families with children, explorers, hikers or for groups looking for an alternative venue to hold special events. It’s the dream destination for nature lovers or anyone needing a break from city life.

Stay at our guest house

Hiking and trails to explore the nearby mountains

2 fully equipped kitchens

Relax and have fun with friends and family

Nearby destinations

Ziria Ski Centre

Ziria Ski Center

Killini Oros as viewed from nearby our guest house


Forest walk towards the lake Dasiou

Town of Xylokastro

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